Walking Street

Walking Street in Pattaya City offers sights and sounds quite unlike anywhere else in Thailand. While “walking street” in most other towns and cities try around Thailand usually means a regular street market, that’s certainly not the case here. Indeed, there’s almost nothing in the country that matches the 500 metres of fun found at the end of Pattaya’s Beach Road.
This mile-long stretch of road is where Pattaya’s reputation as one of Asia’s most exciting party destinations was forged, a reputation upheld by the large and ever-changing number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and massage parlors.


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Sanctuary of Truth

Billed as “the magnificence of heaven recreated on Earth,” this massive monument, built entirely of wood, is a study in Thai architectural styles. Every available space is intricately decorated with wooden carvings, and the entire structure was built to pay homage to ancient religions and philosophies.
The cycle of life, Utopia, and humanity’s relationship to the universe are some of the themes reflected in the artwork here. While visiting the sanctuary, you can enjoy Thai cultural shows and Thai boxing, go elephant trekking or horseback riding or take a ride on a speedboat.

Open: Daily from 8 am to 6 pm


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Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Pattaya features over 200 hectares of landscaped spaces bursting with tropical colours. It has some of the most remarkable flowers, displays and landscaped gardens in Thailand, if not the world.

The team behind the gardens have repeatedly won international awards for their designs, which include 17th-century French-style gardens, a recreation of Stonehenge, creative topiary displays and gardens created exclusively with cacti, bonsais and tropical palms. It is also the home of over 670 native and hybrid species of orchids. You can see regular displays of classic Thai dancing, boxing and drumming during your visit to the gardens.

Open: Daily from 8 am to 6 pm


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Khao Chi Chan

Khao Chi Chan or Buddha Mountain in Jomtien is the largest engraving of Buddha in the world. The gold-embossed image was carved out of the side of a limestone mountain with a laser. It’s 130 metres in height and 70 metres across at its widest. The solitary limestone hill was once used to supply the local construction industry with materials. In 1996, to commemorate His Majesty the King of Thailand’s golden jubilee, the massive image was carved into the rock and then marked out in gold on the recommendation of the then Supreme Patriarch.
The area in which it resides – commonly known as “Silverlake” – is one of remarkable natural beauty, with a couple of other nearby attractions. The grounds in front of Buddha Mountain include a temple, with saffron-robed monks a common sight, so appropriate clothing is recommended.

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Koh Larn (Coral Island)

A 30-minute speed boat ride or 45-minute ferry ride from Pattaya, Koh Larn (also called Koh Lan) is a relatively peaceful escape from tourist-packed Pattaya. Several white-sand beaches stretch along the island’s shores, with food stalls, restroom facilities, and plenty of water sports. Parasailing, banana boat rides, and underwater Sea Walking are some of the most popular.

Tien is one of the prettiest beaches, and monkeys frolic on Nual Beach. You can rent motorbikes to tour the island, and it’s also possible to stay overnight at one of the many resorts along the beach at Samae and Tawaen. This is a popular place for families to spend the day away from the hubbub of Pattaya.

Getting to Koh Larn:

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Four Regions Floating Market

The first and only floating market in Pattaya, this bustling hive of commerce is divided into different sections selling merchandise from the four major areas of Thailand. Souvenirs, arts and crafts, and clothing are among the many items sold here, and it’s also a great place to indulge in some exotic cuisine; you can try everything from scorpions to crickets and crocodile meat.

A great way to explore the markets is to rent a boat. Unlike more authentic floating markets, you have to pay for admission here. Your ticket gets you more than just a boat ride, however. There are shows and activities to be enjoyed here, including sea boxing, traditional Thai dances, and even a zipline over the water.



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Terminal 21 Pattaya

Terminal 21 Pattaya is a famous department store, which is new Landmark in the heart of Pattaya City with the concept that has gathered many famous places from around the world to be in 1 place.

Terminal 21 Pattaya, a famous new department store in Pattaya City, was presented in the form of a shopping mall with the concept of “Happiness of the East” that brings together a place of happiness from around the world in the concept of “World Market Street”. It has gathered famous cities from worldwide to be in a mall, including Paris, London, Italy, Tokyo, San Francisco and Hollywood. Tourists will be thrilled with the real aircraft on the runway that is over 250 metres long, the Jet Bridge and a 39-metre-long escalator. It is a department store that truly fulfills every modern lifestyle’s needs.



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